Sunday, 16 August 2009

It's about time

that i started writing again.
Lately i've been stressed, snappy and restless.. sleeping when i shouldn't and vise versa.
I go on holiday in.. 6 days though :D Rest and relaxation, well during the day atleast.
In the evening, it'll be vodka/redbulls, shots and god knows what.. It cheers me up that i can still have fun though and not worry about spending too much money.
I appriciate everything my parents give me and i love them so much for it.

But recently, my spending has got a bit out of control :/
My new faze is make-up.. after reading all the beauty blogs and watching them all on YouTube, i now confess that i am addicted to buying, using and testing different make up brands.
My sister tells me i have "life long problems" AHA!
i have to thank lollipop26 for sharing her views and tips on beauty and make up products and really getting me into it, she's amazing.. we could all learn so much from her :)
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and have enjoyed your weekend x