Monday, 5 October 2009

My own (irrational) heartbreak.

You know, i think it's possible to love someone too much..
I mean my god.. It's breaking my heart at the thought of not being with him.

He might not understand how i blow things out of proportion and get overly paranoid and basically everything a girl does.. But i'm just so scared of losing him.
The way i'm going.. I probably will.

The first time i've posted in over a month and i'm being emo.. Typical.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

It's about time

that i started writing again.
Lately i've been stressed, snappy and restless.. sleeping when i shouldn't and vise versa.
I go on holiday in.. 6 days though :D Rest and relaxation, well during the day atleast.
In the evening, it'll be vodka/redbulls, shots and god knows what.. It cheers me up that i can still have fun though and not worry about spending too much money.
I appriciate everything my parents give me and i love them so much for it.

But recently, my spending has got a bit out of control :/
My new faze is make-up.. after reading all the beauty blogs and watching them all on YouTube, i now confess that i am addicted to buying, using and testing different make up brands.
My sister tells me i have "life long problems" AHA!
i have to thank lollipop26 for sharing her views and tips on beauty and make up products and really getting me into it, she's amazing.. we could all learn so much from her :)
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and have enjoyed your weekend x

Friday, 24 July 2009

Baby, when the lights go out..

It's been like 5 days since i last wrote, or typed even.
All over the South-East area of London was affected by power cuts and my electricity was fine.. Just not the internet, Sky or phone :/
So i've practically been cut off from the world and watching cooking programmes on ITV does not make up for that.
At all.

However, it's 4 weeks exctly tomorrow until i go on holiday :D South of France here i come!
I feel i should start packing now, or atleast start making a few lists of thing i must buy before the holiday.. Deep hair conditioner, dry shampoo etc.
Fuck the sun cream, i'll never get a colour otherwise.
But the highlight of my holiday is Saint-Tropez, almost better than New York (shopping wise)
If only i had the dollar to shop in Louis Vuitton, D&G and the masses of sunglasses boutiques.. Sadly, i do not.
But on the plus side, i am completely and utterly rid of swine flu and feeling much better for it :)
My two sisters had suspected swine flu but they were better after a few days, thank god.

I'm still listening to Owl City and have even got my younger sister into them; and neither of us are sick of them yet.
But we are sick of "Jeggings".. The most unflattering things since actual jeans. Please refrain from buying them if your over 6 stone.
I'm off to watching Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince online now.. Admittedly, Harry Potter (the book and the films) are the only thing that make me happy nowadays.. How sad i know.. But my explanation is for another time.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

As it goes

i've been listening to "Fireflies" for about 30 hours straight now, see previous post to understand why.
But i really wish YouTube had a repeat button, would make life sooo much easier.
Well, I feel i've finally recovered(ish) from the plague AKA swine flu and will be able to make a trip to the cinema come tuesday for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince :):)
Although, i deduct points from myself as i call myself a fan, a rather obsessed one at that..
I watched it online last night.
I know, I know but i just couldn't help myself.. It was just popped up while i was watching Prisinor of Azkaban and to be quite honest, it wasn't a bad copy.
They'd cut a hell of alot of things though, for example.. The memory of the Marvolo house and the murder of Tom's grandparents. I was looking forward to that but beggars can't be choosers, unfortunetly.
Alas, only if Hogwarts truely exsisted..
Aha don't my daydreaming, it happens to the best of us.

Today isn't my best day fashion wise:
Hello Kitty PJ shorts
Millwall F.C T-shirt
But hell, they're comfy.
Also, I have recently decided to stop using fake tan.. I am naturally pale and although I should be grateful for that, I've spent years covering it up and being orange (I always thought i looked sunkissed.. Turns out, I was orange)
One step towards maturity, one step away from being blissfully unaware of the big scary world.
And yes, I got all that from my discontinuation of fake tan.

EDIT. I'd like to thank Josh (Diamond Syndrome) for providing me with the link to download Owl City's album, it has made my sunday :D So thank you sooo much, no more YouTube for me.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

It's been sometime

since i've discovered someone who's voice brings butterflies to my stomach and tears to my eyes.
I may be a little behind with this one, but I may not be..
Owl City.
And it's too-good-to-be-true album "Ocean Eyes".
I've heard of them before and I thought, as you do, that they're just another band that people are bumming off because they're new.

Oh, how i was mistaken.
The one and only member, Adam Young, has intoxicated my whole body with his electronic beats, but no synthasizer on his voice.. It's boaderline perfect.
My only problem is that i can't download the album anywhere and i can't afford to buy it from iTunes.

Bad resseccion times.
But if i had the money, this beautiful album is the first thing i'd buy.

My favourite track has to be "Fireflies".. This one in particular brings, and I can't stress enough, happy tears to my eyes.
I don't usually suggest music to people because I understand and appriciate that everyone has different tastes but with this.. You have to give it a listen, it may just change your whole summer.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 6 of the plague and more pills..

It's a friday night and i'm stick indoors.
Like i'm in bloody quarintine or something.. Even my own mother won't kiss me because she doesn't want to get the dreaded flu.
But she did buy me Ibroprophens :)
I've currently taking them, Extra Strength Pain Reliefs and Melatonin (sleeping pills)
I kinda understand how Michael Jackson felt, with all the pills and everything.. They just make everything better.
God, I miss him. Like stupid amounts.. I just hate the way everyone's like "oh but he wasn't your dad so you just get over it" etc etc HE WAS A MUSICAL LEGEND FOR GODNESS SAKE.
Like seriously, Man in the Mirror just gets me everytime.
Not only did he have a way with melodies, his style was impecible. If you'd read last weeks Grazia magazine, you'd have seen how they made a tribute to his style. On trend with Balmain (obviously not the spiked heels) with the military style jackets.
He was an all rounder, you just couldn't fault him.
RIP Michael, forever in our hearts.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

I've decided

that it's about time I started a blog :)
I am currently doing bugger all with my life.. No 6th Form, no College and no job :/ So things aren't exactly looking up for me at the moment.
Oh, and i have swine flu.
Fashion wise, I haven't changed out out my pyjamas in.. 4 days now.
Oh Primark, I've never loved your cheapness so.
I've gotta go make dinner now, seeing as my mother has decided her social life is more important than making sure her family gets a decent dinner so talk soon :)

P.s i'm fully aware a sick person shouldn't be making dinner but my older brother and fater are somewhat incapable ;)