Thursday, 25 November 2010

It finally happened.

So, I've moved.
From living in Kent with my family to living Northampton with my boyfriend and his family.
We'd been together a year and 2 months when the big moved actually happened and of course, i had doubts.
Can you really be yourself around other peoples family? Even if that family is of the man you plan to spend the rest of your life with?
I guess I'll always have those little doubts but I wouldn't have done this if i wasn't sure this was for the best
It's been a month since I moved and admittedly, I have had some emotional homesick nights where I just cry at missing my family and familiarity.
But other than that, it's been wonderful. Having been together over a year and only seeing each other at weekends, seeing eachother everyday is... heavenly.
The past month that I've been here I haven't had a job, but Monday I had an interview for a local newspaper as an Advertisement Telesales Person and damnnnnnnittt I GOT THE JOB :D:D
Things have been a little strained between me and the bf since i've been moping round the house all day waiting for him to come home, but now I'll be working it'll be almost perfect.

Our room was fully decorated before i moved in however the curtains are yet to go up :/ He says it'll happene tonight but who knows.
I just feel... old you know. Like being away from my parents, only being able to see them at weekends now and relying on basically myself; when before I could always count on my parents.

And for anyone who reads this blog, I really am sorry for not really blogging here. Something it's better to just think. But I will be posting alot more often about the goings on in my new life in Northampton.

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