Wednesday, 28 December 2011


I havent posted since... November 2011 :
I check Blogger every single day and i do feel bad for my 17 followers that I havent posted in over a year so i thought i'd get the ball rolling again :)
I got a laptop from my boy for my 20th Birthday so I can literally write down some of my thoughts whenever I feel to!
I did do a post on 25 things to do before I die but blogger didn't actually post it :(
If you've read any of my posts you'll know i'm from Kent and my boyf lived in Northampton and about a year ago, I moved to Northampton to live with him..
Unfortunetly for the both of us, things have been hard for me being away from my family and I've decided to give up my job at the local newspaper and go home to my mum.
You probably think its really sad but being away from them has made me appriacte them so much that it's so hard to leave them when I go and revist for the weekend.
Me and the boy will stay together, I love him with all my heart and maybe, just maybe he'll come and live with me and my family in Kent.
I'm pretty shite when it comes to technology so please don't expect me to have an amazing layout or anything.. this is just a place where I can vent.
I hop you all had a lovely Christmas and got spoilt rotten, i did!
I went back to work today after the best Christmas ever and there was only me and 1 other person in the office today.. it was sooooo dull! can't wait for Saturday to have a lie in :D
Enjoy your evenings dolls

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  1. if you go on google and type in 'blogger templates' and steal the code from a blog you like the look of, and then just copy and paste it into 'edit html' which is on the 'design' section . thats how you can jazz your blog up but tbh i think it looks good the way it is :)