Sunday, 19 July 2009

As it goes

i've been listening to "Fireflies" for about 30 hours straight now, see previous post to understand why.
But i really wish YouTube had a repeat button, would make life sooo much easier.
Well, I feel i've finally recovered(ish) from the plague AKA swine flu and will be able to make a trip to the cinema come tuesday for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince :):)
Although, i deduct points from myself as i call myself a fan, a rather obsessed one at that..
I watched it online last night.
I know, I know but i just couldn't help myself.. It was just popped up while i was watching Prisinor of Azkaban and to be quite honest, it wasn't a bad copy.
They'd cut a hell of alot of things though, for example.. The memory of the Marvolo house and the murder of Tom's grandparents. I was looking forward to that but beggars can't be choosers, unfortunetly.
Alas, only if Hogwarts truely exsisted..
Aha don't my daydreaming, it happens to the best of us.

Today isn't my best day fashion wise:
Hello Kitty PJ shorts
Millwall F.C T-shirt
But hell, they're comfy.
Also, I have recently decided to stop using fake tan.. I am naturally pale and although I should be grateful for that, I've spent years covering it up and being orange (I always thought i looked sunkissed.. Turns out, I was orange)
One step towards maturity, one step away from being blissfully unaware of the big scary world.
And yes, I got all that from my discontinuation of fake tan.

EDIT. I'd like to thank Josh (Diamond Syndrome) for providing me with the link to download Owl City's album, it has made my sunday :D So thank you sooo much, no more YouTube for me.

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