Friday, 24 July 2009

Baby, when the lights go out..

It's been like 5 days since i last wrote, or typed even.
All over the South-East area of London was affected by power cuts and my electricity was fine.. Just not the internet, Sky or phone :/
So i've practically been cut off from the world and watching cooking programmes on ITV does not make up for that.
At all.

However, it's 4 weeks exctly tomorrow until i go on holiday :D South of France here i come!
I feel i should start packing now, or atleast start making a few lists of thing i must buy before the holiday.. Deep hair conditioner, dry shampoo etc.
Fuck the sun cream, i'll never get a colour otherwise.
But the highlight of my holiday is Saint-Tropez, almost better than New York (shopping wise)
If only i had the dollar to shop in Louis Vuitton, D&G and the masses of sunglasses boutiques.. Sadly, i do not.
But on the plus side, i am completely and utterly rid of swine flu and feeling much better for it :)
My two sisters had suspected swine flu but they were better after a few days, thank god.

I'm still listening to Owl City and have even got my younger sister into them; and neither of us are sick of them yet.
But we are sick of "Jeggings".. The most unflattering things since actual jeans. Please refrain from buying them if your over 6 stone.
I'm off to watching Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince online now.. Admittedly, Harry Potter (the book and the films) are the only thing that make me happy nowadays.. How sad i know.. But my explanation is for another time.


  1. I'm so jealous, the south of france is beautiful :)

  2. I so so agree about Jeggings, i just dont get them :( xx