Friday, 17 July 2009

Day 6 of the plague and more pills..

It's a friday night and i'm stick indoors.
Like i'm in bloody quarintine or something.. Even my own mother won't kiss me because she doesn't want to get the dreaded flu.
But she did buy me Ibroprophens :)
I've currently taking them, Extra Strength Pain Reliefs and Melatonin (sleeping pills)
I kinda understand how Michael Jackson felt, with all the pills and everything.. They just make everything better.
God, I miss him. Like stupid amounts.. I just hate the way everyone's like "oh but he wasn't your dad so you just get over it" etc etc HE WAS A MUSICAL LEGEND FOR GODNESS SAKE.
Like seriously, Man in the Mirror just gets me everytime.
Not only did he have a way with melodies, his style was impecible. If you'd read last weeks Grazia magazine, you'd have seen how they made a tribute to his style. On trend with Balmain (obviously not the spiked heels) with the military style jackets.
He was an all rounder, you just couldn't fault him.
RIP Michael, forever in our hearts.

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