Saturday, 18 July 2009

It's been sometime

since i've discovered someone who's voice brings butterflies to my stomach and tears to my eyes.
I may be a little behind with this one, but I may not be..
Owl City.
And it's too-good-to-be-true album "Ocean Eyes".
I've heard of them before and I thought, as you do, that they're just another band that people are bumming off because they're new.

Oh, how i was mistaken.
The one and only member, Adam Young, has intoxicated my whole body with his electronic beats, but no synthasizer on his voice.. It's boaderline perfect.
My only problem is that i can't download the album anywhere and i can't afford to buy it from iTunes.

Bad resseccion times.
But if i had the money, this beautiful album is the first thing i'd buy.

My favourite track has to be "Fireflies".. This one in particular brings, and I can't stress enough, happy tears to my eyes.
I don't usually suggest music to people because I understand and appriciate that everyone has different tastes but with this.. You have to give it a listen, it may just change your whole summer.


  1. Heya, thats so weird, about a week ago I was recommended this album by some chump and I thought nothing of it because I was already submerged in alot of new music. I think i've found it online though and I'll give it a listen.

    Heres the link,

  2. Thank you :)
    May not be to everyone's taste but I just had to talk about it so I hope you enjoy it as much as i am.